Saturday, 31 October 2015

Have you got a pair of Messi 10/10 boots? Not Adidas but FIFA16

Adidas has unveiled the limited-edition Adidas Messi 10/10 Football Boots. Released under the umbrella of the 'Limited Collection', the black Adidas Messi 10/10 Boots is sold exclusively on October 10 and are limited to a mere 100 pairs globally, guaranteeing them to become quite a collector's item.


Anyone want to get one

Of the 100 pairs available globally of the Adidas Messi 10/10 Cleats, one pair will of course go to Leo Messi himself. 10 Adidas Messi 10/10 Boot pairs will be given to the members of Team Messi named in the Backed by Messi campaign. The last 89 pairs will go on sale on October 10, exclusively at the Adidas store in Barcelona. The Adidas Messi 10/10 Cleats are only going to be available in an exact replica of Messi's size, 8.5.

Seems it would be difficult to get one, huh? Don't worries. You can actually. EA is making them available in FIFA16 through the EASFC Catalogue. Offered at Level 35, wear them by any player in all modes within the game.
Check out the link below:

Things you should know about FIFA16 - Cover stars

What is the cover star on FIFA16 at your home? Linoel Messi and who? 

It is interesting that the cover star of the game is different in worldwide. EA held a FIFA16 Cover Vote in early Summer. We decided who joined Messi on the cover of FIFA16 in verities of countries such as Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico as well as The United Kingdom. Let's see who is joining Messi on the cover now.


Tim Cahill and Stephanie Catley


Chelsea FC's Oscar

Mauro Icardi

Arda Turan

David Alaba

Christine Sinclair

United States
Alex Morgan

United Kingdom & Republic Of Ireland

Jordan Handerson

Marco Fabián

Antoine Griezmann

Latin America
Juan Cuadrado

Shinji Kagawa

Global cover

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Friday, 30 October 2015

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