Friday, 30 October 2015

How to Buy cheap FIFA16 coins?

Some people maybe confuse how to buy coins. They think it is difficult, high risk, time-consuming. Well, it is not ;) Let me teach you how to buy coins on our website Vbgamecoins

Step 1 - Sign up
You can link your account with facebook there.

Step 2 - Add the item you interested in cart
There, you can choose 'Continue shopping' to add more item in cart or 'Proceed to checkout'

Step 3 - Finalize your order
You will receive an email from us after purchased. Please keep the order reference number and contact us on live chat. 

Step 5 - How to get into live chat

Step 6 - Get your coins~
Our nice, friendly operators will instruct you to list players and they will get them after you listed.
Like if you order 100K, you will be told to list 10 players at 10K. The bid start price and duration will be given. It is easy, isn't it? :)

Come and visit us now~ We are 24/7 and ready to send coins to you at anytime ;)
We are doing 10.99GBP for 100K now!! Go go go!!!

Vbgamecoins link:

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