Monday, 16 November 2015

Cesc Fabregas admits Chelsea's season is 'f****d' after nightmare start

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Cesc Fabregas says Chelsea's form is giving him sleepless nights and has described their season as 'f****d'

The defending Premier League champions have lost seven of their 12 matches to sit only three points above the relegation places, and some 15 points off the pace set by Manchester City and Arsenal.
It is a dramatic turnaround from last season, when they cruised to the title while also winning the League Cup.
Fabregas, who has faced criticism for his performances, admits morale is low and he is desperately hoping they can turn things around.
"When things don't go right I can't sleep at night. Sometimes when I am at home, in bed, I wonder," he told Marca.
"You have your own thoughts and the manager will have his thoughts about what is going on and it is all about talking about things and putting this right all together.
"Football is my life. It is everything to me. My family keep me happy sometimes but when football does not go well, my life is not happy.
"I try to fix it and try to put it right. We are used to always being at the top.
"The season is f*****. Things aren't working out and the results aren't doing our performances justice. We're playing better but aren't having any luck.
"When things are going your way, you flick the ball with your heel and it flies into the top corner, whereas now every piledriver is going off target.
"Either way, we need to get back to winning ways sooner rather than later."
Jose Mourinho's future has been repeatedly questioned as a result of Chelsea's woeful form, but Fabregas insisted he still had the trust of his manager and vice versa. 
"Things with Mou are good," he said. "Obviously when you're not winning things always get said, whereas when you're winning everything's rosy. When you're not winning everything is that much harder, but all of us - the players, fans and the coach - have to pull together and hang tough.
"We're the only ones who can turn things round. Nobody is going to give us a helping hand. We're still in a position to challenge the big boys in the Champions League, but in thePremier League we need to get our act together right away."


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